We have chosen the path of Made in Italy and craftsmanship. All the items in the Whichway collections have been made in Italy. We aim at enhancing and promoting the Made in Italy culture. We believe that the values and customs of Italian lifestyle are just as important as Italian art, food, and wine. As with Italian art, food and wine, Italian culture plays a key role in the definition of the Italian taste in the rest of the world. That’s what we mean by “Made in Italy”.
pelle moda made in italy
sostenibilità moda made in italy


100% Italian materials

We have chosen the path of sustainability. One of our brand’s core values is sustainability. We put special care into promoting sustainability in our production processes: from the selection of raw materials to quality control, from company policies to marketing and communication.


style and culture

Timeless, dynamic, ambitious, and responsible. Whichway is a brand that caters to the Cafe Racer and Streetwear culture. A quality brand that creates sustainable products with original designs that will last a lifetime.
Whichway offers an original, modern approach to streetwear. Top quality raw materials are crafted with passion by expert hands to give life to unique garments that will stay with you throughout your journey. Choose your way, choose your style.

whichway streetware
whichway slow fashion

slow fashion

timeless fashion

We have chosen to put people at the front and centre. Whichway is customer centred as it rejects the industrial and mass production of fast fashion. We promote a kind of fashion that comes from the expert and skillful work of artisans and that must be worn with the awareness of its value.