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Power To Choose

The WHICHWAY story is an example of how the paths we choose determine who we are and what we can achieve in our lives. WHICHWAY was born with the desire to look to the future, to create something new and beautiful. Above all, WHICHWAY came about with the awareness that we all have a great power in us: the power of choice. The founders gave life to WHICHWAY by joining their passions and a common vision, with the aim to combine streetwear, Made in Italy, and the responsibility of sustainable choices.

Power To Choose

The story of WHICHWAY is the story of three roads that cross, three very different minds that have chosen a new road to take together.

A creative mind. Always a great fan of clothing and the newest trends, she chose the road of fashion. After years of experience in the field, she realized that what really made a difference in fashion was the Made in Italy style and craftsmanship. She passionately devoted herself to the research and selection of top-quality fabrics. Seeing the world of fashion through the producers’ eyes, she understood how important it is to work with the aim of bringing about a positive and conscious change in the world.

A free mind, a dreamer who chose his path. A path that leads to the discovery of new places and towards new encounters. With a great passion for travel on two wheels, he is a modern classic biker, a café racer with a passion for heritage. As a biker, he gives great importance to clothing, not so much for the sake of vanity but rather to recognize himself in the very concept of freedom and self-affirmation that only certain emotions on two wheels can give you.

A logical and practical mind who left the industrial field to take the path of environmental sustainability. He has always believed in the need for change and through WHICHWAY he can finally make a difference by managing the production processes first-hand, making sure that each and every garment made at WHICHWAY respects the environment.

Three stories, three completely different lives that complement each other: the three souls of WHICHWAY.


The name of the brand says it all – everything depends on US

We have chosen the path of Made in Italy and craftmanship.

We make unique, high-quality garments that last over time.

We choose not to follow trends. We choose to take a stand against fast fashion.

We have made an ethical choice, we have chosen to respect the environment, our producers, and our customers.

Each of our products is made following the tradition of Italian design.

Each detail, material and accessory is carefully selected and lovingly crafted by expert hands. We create unique garments that will stay with you throughout your journey.

Choose us,




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